Discover our different types of showers


Fixed jet

  • A system that allows regulating the water flow, without losing the water temperature set.

Adjustable jet

  • A system that allows regulating the flow of water while lathering, without losing the mixture of the water temperature.


  • With different jet options you will experience a different sensation that will activate and revitalize your senses.

Switch jet

  • With a rain beam control, an option that revitalizes the shower experience. By turning its mechanism, you can go from the comfort and peace of a calm breeze, to the vitality and energy of a waterfall.

Wide plate

  • Technology that provides a sense of abundance through a bubbling jet.

Large format

  • These showers measure 12 "and 16" and are much thinner than traditional wide plate shower heads; these characteristics favor the feeling of abundance, with the additional benefit of being water-saving.