Helvex Toilets

The toilet is the fundamental piece of our bathroom, which is why you should not settle with the first one you find. Do you know what makes our toilets so special? Here we list the attributes that will convince you to have one at home:

8 Reasons to choose a HELVEX toilet


Perfect flushing every time

Our toilets have a perfect removal of both solid and liquid with just one flush.

Up to 900 grs per flush.


Flushing valve and button

Our toilets have the flushing valve and button on the tank, which allows optimal cleansing of the bowl in one flush.


High gloss glazing

which provides maximum sanitation and sophistication to any bathroom.

A grade quality.


Reinforced clamping system

Powerful clamping system which guarantees that the seat does not move. Includes clamping kit.


Large water mirror

Its water mirror prevents foul odors and favors bowl cleaning.

Super easy to clean.


Thick ceramic

 Offers a better resistance, thanks to its thick 10 mm minimum walls. Its fully glazed trap allows a perfect bacteria-free flushing.



Helvex guarantees its ceramic products as free from defects in materials and manufacturing processes for 65 years, plus 5 years in valves and 2 years in toilet seats.


Ecological grade

Water saving certified products that favor the care of the environment.